Famous Alien Autopsy Hoaxes


Unidentified flying objects and aliens are still a big query to everyone. There are already many reports and claims saying that they had encountered such objects and strange creature. But still there is no clear evidences saying that these unidentified objects do exist. There are also many alien autopsy which are not genuine that caused and brought confusion to many people who are interested to know more about the unknown objects in the space or if do they really exist.

Alien Autopsy Defined

Alien autopsy hoaxes went viral in the news. Alien autopsy refers to a trick medical examination and dissection. It was also a term used in a dummy of a released film in the 1999’s by the entrepreneur Ray Santilli. In the movie, Santilli allows the public to see the procedure of doing an autopsy on the body of an unidentified creature. The body of the extraterrestrial creature was recovered from the crash of unidentified object near Roswell, New Mexico. In the year 1995, Santilli claimed that he has film footages of an alien autopsy from the Rowell incident. He said that the body of the alleged alien was from the unidentified flying object that crashed in the place.

The First Hoax

The video presented by Santilli is a black and white film with a very poor quality surface. It is a 17-minute video of the autopsy procedure to the body of the claimed alien. Ray Santilli said that he got the body of the alien through the help of a former military cameraman. Santilli’s film about alien autopsy was bought by many broadcast and television network in more than 32 countries. In the year 2006, Santilli revealed that the film was not genuine. Santilli stated that they had just restored some damaged frame of the short film but Santilli cannot identify which frames of the film are genuine. He also revealed that they just used two dummy alien bodies and used sheep brains and chicken intestines to create a realistic alien body parts.

Additional Occurences

In the year 2004, another alleged alien sighting happened that brought police alert and panic along the residence in County Durham. Some residents of the village became shocked on a form fetus object found in one of the resident’s garden. The police officers called detectives, forensic and surgeon expert to examine the unidentified object. Through comprehensive investigation and inspection they found out that the unidentified object is only a Scardox alien toy.

In the north part of Bangkok, Thailand there is also a temple that keeps fossils of unidentified creatures. People in the place used to worship two unidentified and strange fossils which are kept inside a glass. People in the place believe that the objects that they worship are from a tree in Buddhist mythology that bears fruits with female figures.

Some people make trick over alien and UFO’s issues to achieve fame and power that’s why proper inspection and investigation must be properly observe to avoid wrong information dissemination to the public. Some alien autopsy and sighting must be first under inspection of some expert investigators to avoid public alert, confusion and panic. People must be careful enough before believing in some statements.


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