The Buzz Aldrin Experience With Aliens and UFOs


Buzz Aldrin is also known as the second man who walks on the moon. He is a former American astronaut who obtained many achievements. He is also a retired United States Air force pilot. Buzz Aldrin was of the lucky guy who made it to be part of the Third Group of NASA. He was eligible to be part of the group because test pilot experience is not a requirement by that time. He was the confirmed pilot of Gemini 12 and was assigned to prove the methods of extra-vehicular activity. Aldrin became successful to set a record for EVA by proving that astronauts can work outside the spacecraft.

Buzz Aldrin’s Success

Buzz Aldrin definitely made a milestone success and achievement to his chosen field. The name of Buzz Aldrin caught the attention of many people because the retired American astronaut confirmed that he had an encounter with aliens and unidentified objects. There are reports saying that both Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin had an encounter with aliens and UFO’s. They both saw strange objects shortly after their significant landing in the moon using Apollo 11 on July 1969. In an interview made by the Science Channel in the program First on the Moon: The Untold Story which was aired last September 30, 2005 for the first time Buzz Aldrin made a statement and revealed unknown stories when he able to land in the moon. His story about his experience in the mission was never been heard by most of the people. Buzz Aldrin described and elaborated all the things that they experience during their mission and successful landing in the moon.

Aldrin’s Sighting

According to Buzz Aldrin there was something out there are something weird in the space which is strange and cannot be identify. He also remembers that during their landing and mission they hear something so when they decided to use a telescope so that they can clearly identify it and when they able to do it they show series of ellipses. The Senior Scientist of the Apollo 11 Dr. David Baker also supported the statement of Buzz Aldrin because according to him all the objects reported by the Apollo was unidentified by the NASA. Objects that the team saw are uncommon. Several crews that had the opportunity to travel in the space also supported the claims of Aldrin because they too experienced such weird noise and saw some unidentified objects.

An Unidentified Object Found

Spacecraft crews and astronauts reported to the Mission Control about their clear view with unidentified objects but unfortunately they did not able to reveal it. Aldrin also said that during their mission they already knew that there is something strange and there is something moving along their sides. The team knew that if they do something the transmission can be heard by the Mission Control. The team fears that the Mission Control may demand them to turn back.

Former Chief of NASA Maurice Chatelian confirmed that several astronauts like Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin had indeed reported seeing unidentified objects which can be aliens. Chatelian also said that reports of astronaut’s encounter with alien and UFO’s were common. He also confirmed that the radio transmission of Apollo 11 was interrupted on several times. However, the existence of these unidentified objects is still a big query to everyone.


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