The Truth About Ancient Egyptians and Aliens


Queries and speculations about aliens is still unending issue that can catch people’s interest. Even some ancient landmark like the Great Pyramid of Giza is being connected to ancient aliens. Some people believe that aliens contributed in the construction of the great pyramids.

Egypt’s Historical Presence

Egypt is famous because of their pyramids. It is located in Cairo, Egypt. It is very amazing to know that the Great Pyramid of Giza is the only one that survived from the all seven ancient wonders. The great pyramid never fails to amaze thousands of people who visit the place. The great pyramid of Egypt is built over a 20 year span. It is so huge the construction of the pyramid is so perfect.

Each giant stone used in the construction of the pyramid ranges to 1 to 2 tons in weight and it is consisted of almost 100,000 stones. But it so amazing that the Egypt constructed the pyramid without using any machine and construction equipment. This issue brought many query to rise. Many people wonder on how Egyptians able to construct such amazing construction. Speculations rise that aliens helped in the construction of the Great Pyramid. Theories and some visitors are speculating on how Egyptians able to pull 20 tons atones and placed them correctly, how they move big rocks and where they get those big rocks. Many people believe that only aliens can do such things. Ancient writing of Egyptians, pictures and symbols also brought speculations to the people.

Historians and Theory

But according to some historians, the Great Pyramid was built by almost 10,000 workers per month over 20 years of construction. Several studies are already conducted to provide comprehensive information about the construction of the pyramids and clean up some speculation about the connection of Ancient Egypt with aliens. Michel Barsoum conducted a research to resolve some query about speculations saying that Ancient Egyptians and alien have connections. An intensive inspection and scanning using microscope and other testing method are used to test and finally start a conclusion about the pyramids, Egyptians and aliens.

Barsoum and his research team found out that smallest structures of inner and outer content of stones used in the pyramids are indeed compost of limestone. The stones and the cement used composed of silicon dioxide, magnesium rich silicate mineral and magnesium. There was no found unidentified object used in the construction of the pyramids. Only natural limestone and high water content of the stones was found on the plateau of Giza. Sedimentary rocks are also in building the pyramids. At the end of the study of Barsoum and other researchers they concluded that the all the content that used in the construction of the Great Pyramids of Giza are all genuine and natural.

However, the study of Barsoum cannot convince everybody that aliens and ancient Egyptians have no connection. Still, further studies regarding the ancient Egyptians and aliens are needed to come out with a best and comprehensive study that can explain all the queries and speculations of the people.


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