What are the Moons of Pluto


The planet Pluto is composed of 5 moons named Hydra, Kerberos, Nix, Styx and Charon. Charon is considered as the largest moon among the five. It is tidally and mutually locked with the planet Pluto and that is one of the reasons why the planet is considered as a double object sometimes. Learn more about the five moons of planet Pluto as well as explore and discover its significance to this planet.


Charon was discovered in 1978. The moon is nearly half of the size of the planet Pluto. Most of the scientists classified this planet as a double object since Charon is very near to Pluto. The term “Charon” came from the mythological figure of River Acheron. This moon was discovered by Jim Christy.

Jim Christy decided to name the Pluto moon after the name of his wife. The composition of Charon is still unknown as well as the albedo features are not yet resolved. A better and clear understanding regarding the largest moon of the planet Pluto is highly recommended especially in the field of science.

Nix and Hydra

These two moons are the smallest moons among the five moons of the planet Pluto. They were discovered in 2005 with the use of the Space Hubble Telescope by the studying team of the Pluto system. The moon named Nix is being classified as a natural satellite of the planet Pluto and it has been also found by the use of Space Hubble Telescope by the Search and Companion team in the year 2005. It was discovered by Andrew J and Max Mutcher.


The moon called Kerberos has been discovered in 2011. This moon is very small that is located between the Nix and Hydra orbits. Kerberos is a kind of a natural small satellite moon of the planet Pluto and its existence was formally announced in 2011. It is the fourth moon of Pluto that has been discovered after the discovery of Charon moon, Nix and Hydra moon.


Styx was also discovered after a year when the moon Kerberos was found. It is also a small moon that has been found by a group of scientist during their potential hazards flyby. Most of the scientists are still searching for more moons of the planet Pluto. They will also observe the possible signs for field debris that can be generated by the theoretical impact. It is the fifth natural satellite moon that has been discovered few years ago.

Most of the scientists and astronomers are exerting all their efforts to gather additional information regarding the five moons of the planet Pluto. It is also very important that you have a better and clear understanding when it comes to this matter especially to the significance of these five moons in the planet Pluto as well as in the universe. If you want additional valuable information about the five moons of Pluto, just simply browse the internet and be amazed with the actual pictures and structures of five moons of this planet.


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