What is Plutos Temperature and Atmosphere Like


The Planet Pluto is considered as the coldest planet in the solar system. It is a fact that planet Pluto is 30-50 times away from the sun and some of the researchers believe that the temperature and atmosphere of it can shift over the orbit of the planet. Most of the planets have their own temperature and atmosphere that tends to change over time that will depend on their seasons. Some of the changes that occur to other planets are extreme as compared to other planets. The temperature and atmosphere of planet Pluto is about 369 degrees Fahrenheit or equivalent to 223 degrees Celsius. The variations in temperature and atmosphere are slight. Thus, it will have a wide range of effects to the planet.

Pluto’s Environment

The planet Pluto consists of rocky core wherein it is being surrounded by various forms of gases and ices. According to some scientific studies, the distance between the sun and the planet Pluto is at the minimum. It simply means that if this situation happens, the temperature will be warm enough to sublimate gas and create a thin atmosphere. When the planet Pluto shifts away from sun, the atmosphere of the planet and gases will disappear.

If the potassium that is underneath the surface will undergo the so-called radioactive decay, the temperature of the planet Pluto will increase to support the icy shell of the ocean. The planet Pluto lies in the Kuiper Belt which is one of the regions in the solar system that is responsible for the formation of freezing rocks.

Pluto vs Other Planets

If you compare the planet Pluto to other planets, you will see that it is one of the coldest planets that exist. In 2006, the planet Pluto was classified as a dwarf planet since the planet failed to sweep with its orbit and formation. The planet Pluto is among the millions of ices and rocks with similar temperatures and atmosphere.

Pluto is composed of cold and tiny rocks but it seems that the planet is incapable of having the desired temperature and atmosphere that is due to the distant location and the size of it. With its tiny body, it serves as the one that will boost the atmosphere in a form of flux state.

The Gases of Pluto

The gases present in the atmosphere of the planet Pluto is nitrogen, methane and carbon monoxide. This planet is very far from the sun and that is one of the reasons why most of the scientists find hard time to conduct studies and observations about the said planet. They conducted an experiment to know if the planet Pluto has temperature and atmosphere but they did not succeed. Most of the scientists and astronomers are all working very hard to gather valuable information regarding the temperature and atmosphere of this planet.

Some of the scientists also think that it also have winds and clouds but they want to make sure of it and that is why they are still conducting experiments and research about the said matter. In the year 2015, the horizon mission team will conduct experiments about the planet Pluto and they are hoping that all f their questions will be answered. The main goal of the team is to provide a clear and better explanation regarding the main questions of most scientists and astronomers.


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