Who Are The Arcturian Aliens


Arcturian aliens are also called arcturans. They are the knowledgeable and highly advance aliens compared to other aliens that visited the planet earth and in the Arcturus star system. Arcturus star system is a located in Bootes constellations and it is one of the brightest stars in the universe. Bootes is formally called Alpha Bootis. This is a gigantic red star which was surrounded by 37 light years starting from the planet Earth.

According to the book of Edgar Cayce, the Arcturian aliens had been visiting the Earth from their place. These aliens are from the fifth dimensional life and they have well-advanced ideas on spiritual and technical things. There are times that some discoverers stated that they have very high frequencies in consciousness and reality. Arcturian aliens have the feature that makes them different from other aliens and this is their spiritual enlightenment. They also have a comprehensive transcend in their physical plane.

They transcend and usually choose to live in the physical bodies in the planet Earth as a starseeds. When talking about their communication, they are actually channeled via humans receptive. Some people from other countries believe that Arcturians contacted them and that is the reason why they believe that these creatures are alive. They are also recognized as compassionate beings who are trying to help humans, and support to have advance technology. They also protect people from destruction.

In addition, some alien experts believe that Arcturians give the people idea about the future of the world. They are also mental, emotional, and spiritual healers for most humans because these aliens believe that love is the main element in the fifth density of life. As a description in their physical appearance, they are 3 to 4 feet tall and their body is slim. They also have a greenish skin and almond shaped eyes. These aliens have the capacity to move any kinds of things through the use of their mind. Due to this ability, many people and discoverers believe that they are highly telepathic aliens.

The hands of them are not like the hand of humans because they only have 3 fingers. According to the Arcturians evolution, their life and professions are being selected according to their spirituality level. It is also used in choosing the female Arcturian who will give birth in the chosen one. The process of giving birth to these creatures has a big difference in the birthing process performed by humans.

In Arcturians, they have male and female bonding wherein there is clone bond happens. The evolution of Arcturus is based from the spirituality that he taught. If there is one Arcturian who failed to meet his or her goal, there is someone who will help and teach him or her reach it. In addition to, they usually ingest energy rather than eating. They also sleep for several minutes or hours and they only do it once every week. These aliens can also ingest lots of knowledge that makes them more knowledgeable than human beings.


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