10 Greatest NASA Inventions of All-Time


“National Aeronautics and Space Administration” or (NASA) is the government agency of the United States. The agency is mainly responsible in the space program, aerospace and aeronautics research of the civilians.

As of the present, it introduces its top ten inventions to the people in the United States and other countries.

Computer Microchip

A computer microchip is one of these known inventions of NASA. This is utilized to purposely serve as a guidance computer of Apollo. This works as an integrated circuit that is set into the silicon chips. It works as it transfers electrical signals and currents. Currents are even converted into a set of instructions with the use of a receiving device. The entire circuit is now the environment where the transfer of signals and electricity takes place. The charges are made as data in different ways.

CAT Scanner

CAT scanner is another NASA’s invention. This is built to serve its purpose of being a cancer detection technology. This is also useful in searching most imperfections in the space components. In the medicine field, this is proven to be a useful tool for the assistance of diagnosis. It works as it also emits narrow beams on the human body.

Cordless Tools

Another invention that NASA can be proud of is the cordless tools. Their purpose is on drilling the rocks that are found in the moon. Apollo astronauts used these tools that are effective and reliable to them. These tools are useful in improving the productivity of most professional users.

Ear Thermometer

Apart from it, ear thermometer is also invented that looks like a camera lens. This is proven to be useful in the detection of infrared energy and measurement of the star temperature. The body temperature can be routinely monitored in the clinical settings. The energy that is emitted from the eardrum of the patient is also monitored.

Water Filters

Water filters are also inventions that serve their best purpose during the Apollo moon missions. Many people are using water filters as they remove the impurities from the water with the use of physical barrier, which is a known biological or chemical process. They also cleanse water on various extents for the purposes of drinking water, swimming pools, ponds, aquariums and ponds.

Freeze and Dried Meals

Freeze and dried meals are purposely invented to reduce the weight of most astronauts who explore the galaxy. Their weights are reduced by almost eighty percent with ninety-eight percent retained nutrition.

Memory Foam

Another invented item from NASA is the memory foam. This is built on purpose of softening the landings of probes. Not only is it useful for landings but also for sleeping on most homes. There are many memory foams that can be purchased in the market. They are softened and molded because of the body’s heat.

Scratch Resistant Glass Lenses

Eyeglass lenses made from scratch resistant materials are developed as a protection for Apollo astronauts. Up until now, they are being used to protect the eyes against the heat of the sun. They often come in various colors, designs and shapes.

Insulation and Smoke Detectors

Apart from it, insulation is also a reflective material that is developed to protect the spacecraft from the effects of radiation. Smoke detectors are also developed and utilized for application on Skylab. This helps prevent against false alarms.

Top NASA Inventions


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